Charms Office

(Ordering, Volunteering, Account Balance, Calendar)

Calendar and Volunteer

(See the calendar, sign up to volunteer without signing in – Use LincolnHighSchoolBand to access)

White Sheets

(Event details including arrival, items needed, expected end, etc)

GoFan to Purchase Football Game Tickets

(Tickets are required for football games – unless you are a scheduled volunteer. Most venues do NOT sell at the door.)

Join Remind Family Group

(Get quick reminders and know when we are headed back to school after events to coordinate pickup)

Contact the Board

General Questions/Ordering – Karen Burns

Student Accounts – Tricia Atchley

Fundraising – Fundraising Committee

Volunteering – Yogi Kumbham

Color Guard – Robyn McDole

Sponsorships – Carrie Fraser

FSU Volunteering – Raquelle Morse


Local Music Stores

(Instrument Rentals, Supplies, Etc.)

Music Masters

Playground Music Center

Request Excused Absence for Band

(outside of the regular school day)

Excused Absence Request Form