It’s a Rehearsal, a Fundraiser, and a Performance!

Rehearse-a-Thon is a full day rehearsal followed by a performance of the 2022 Show,
Coming of Age, featuring “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by the Nirvana, “Blackbird” by The Beatles, and “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay.

Fundraiser: Students are collecting pledges and donations NOW! You can pledge an amount for each hour they rehearse or a donate any amount you like. Funds will be split evenly between the student’s individual band account and the band general fund. The band portion will go towards marching band expenses such as travel, uniform cleaning, and instrument repair. Students will collect donations through October 4th. There will also be Trojan Band merchandise for sale the day of the event, including show shirts, car magnets, and more.

Rehearsal: Rehearse-a-Thon is an all day band practice at Gene Cox Stadium.

Performance: There will be a performance at Gene Cox Stadium at 5pm. We encourage friends and family in attendance to donate $20 per family at the gate.


You can donate via check or cash. We also have an online donation option this year through Vertical Raise.

Contact a band student to donate! Each student has a unique URL for online donations, so let them know you want their link!

Click here to view the general band online donation page through Vertical Raise!


Links below for more details, including a letter for sponsors and a form to record collection of cash and check donations and pledges.

22-23 Rehearse-a-Thon Information and Pledge/Donation Form

22-23 Rehearse-a-Thon Flyer