2022-2023 Fundraising


  • Lucky Goat Spring Fundraiser – Orders due March 31st.
  • Silent Auction – Details coming soon, but it’s never too early to start collecting donations from local businesses. Reach out to a booster board member for more info.


  • Q: Where do I get order forms?
    • A: Students will be given printed order forms in their band class. Order forms will also be sent out in Ms. Haugen’s ‘This Week’ emails on Sundays and they will be in the booster emails on Wednesdays.
  • Q: How do I turn in the orders?
    • A: Put your order form and payment in an envelope and have your student drop it in the black box next to Ms. Haugen’s office.
    • A few money tips for fundraisers:
      • Have your customers pay you and write one check to the school if possible. This helps us process the orders faster.
      • Include a phone number and student name on your check(s).
      • Make sure all checks are payable to Lincoln High School.
      • Do not include band or uniform fees in the fundraiser check.
      • Make sure to turn in all orders by the due date.
  • Q: How will we know when to pick up the orders?
    • A: You will see order pickup dates announced in Ms. Haugen’s Sunday emails and in the Booster Wednesday emails.

AUGUST 15 – 26 and MARCH 20 – 31:
Lucky Goat Coffee Fundraiser

Proceeds go to student’s individual account.


It’s a Practice…It’s a Performance…It’s a Fundraiser!!!
Rehearse-a-Thon is a full day rehearsal followed by a performance for family and friends. Students collect pledges for each hour they rehearse or a flat rate for the day.
A percentage of pledges goes to the student’s individual account and a percentage goes to the band general account.

FALL 2022:
Concession and Apparel sales at Doak Campbell Stadium at FSU home football games

$25 per volunteer per game to student account OR the student can earn Bright Futures volunteer hours instead. The band general account also receives a percentage of the proceeds from the sales.


On Monday, October 3rd, we will be launching a fundraising program with a really cool company, HundredX, to give you the opportunity to create funding for band trips, buses, instrument repairs, music, and much more without spending a single cent!

Proceeds will go to the general band account.

OCTOBER 3 – 28
Live Poinsettia Plant Sales

Proceeds go to student’s individual account.

Poinsettias will be $12 each with $4 going to the student’s band account. We will only have Red and White poinsettias available this year.

Blaze Pizza Share Night

Proceeds go to support the band boosters.

More info to come!

JANUARY 21, 2023:
Date Night Dance Lessons – Learn to Foxtrot!

Proceeds will go to support the band boosters.

5:30-6:30pm at the Lincoln Forum

$20 per couple at the door

APRIL 2023 (tentative):
Silent Auction

Proceeds will go to the general band account to fund things like uniform cleaning, travel, instrument repair, and more.

More info to come!

Corporate Sponsorships

A percentage goes to the student’s individual account and a percentage goes to the band general account.

Visit our sponsorship page for more info.

FEBRUARY 1-20, 2023:
Car Wash Cards

50% of the profits go to the student’s band account and 50% to the general band fund.

$16 per card for a $20 car wash

Interested in Donating to the Lincoln Trojan Band?

Come see the band in their Winter and Spring Concerts!

Kick back and enjoy our concert, symphonic, and jazz bands, and bring a donation.

We take donations at the door.